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When you need the help of an office furniture moving company so you can get those old desks and more out the door, give Southside Junk Removal a call!


Work-life in the office should be a relatively peaceful thing, but when you have old office furniture that needs to go, you might find yourself starting to stress. Each day that passes with that old furniture sticking around just piles it on, so what will you do? Will you carve time out of your busy schedule for this tough work, or will you contact someone else so they can come to your aid? You can get the help you need when you book office furniture removal from Southside Junk Removal.

Why Us for Office Furniture Removal?

If you want to get rid of office furniture without lifting it up on your own, then professional office furniture removal is the right choice for you. Besides, you’ll avoid a lot of physical strain this way. Not only is hauling around furniture on your own a great way to make your muscles sore, but in the case of items like desks and tables, it might be completely impossible. The good news is that a full-service team can haul the furniture that you can’t alone, and you can find that team at Southside Junk Removal. We’re ready to hear from you and confirm your appointment details, so don’t wait to contact us online or call us at 404-558-6493.

When we haul away your office furniture, what will become of it? We don’t dump it all in a landfill because we think that’s wasteful. Instead, we donate as much of it as we can to a local donation site, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Not only will someone else get to use the furniture this way, but you’ll also receive a tax write-off you can use to save some cash on Tax Day. Talk about a win-win scenario!

Your Local, Affordable Solution

If you need affordable prices that fit within your budget, then you’ll like what we have to offer. How it works is simple—when you show us the unwanted furniture, we’ll estimate how much of our truck space it will take up, then decide on a volume-based price. Afterwards, we’ll tell you this price upfront so that you can approve it. No more waiting until the end of our service to figure out what you’re paying. We’ll let you know from the start so there are no mysteries!

We serve office managers and business owners in the Greater Atlanta Area so they never have to remove their furniture on their own. What’s more, we keep our schedule flexible so that we can align with yours. We’re open Monday through Sunday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM because our customers need junk removal services all throughout the week. When our neighbors need help, we’re happy to serve them!

How Office Furniture Removal Works

  1. Your schedule is plenty busy already, so we’ll respect your time by always showing up when we’re supposed to. We don’t do late arrivals because the “other guys” have that covered.
  2. When we make it there, just let us know about the office furniture, accept our upfront quote, then steer clear as we begin our work. We work fast so you can save time!
  3. We’ll always take care when hauling furniture so that we don’t scuff any walls, floors, or other items around the office. When we’re out the door, we’ll load it all onto our truck.
  4. Last but not least, we’ll accept your payment and head out so we can drop off the furniture. When we’re gone, you can get back to your own business.

Office Cubicle Removal Services in Greater Atlanta

Just because you don’t know how to remove unwanted cubicles doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. At Southside Junk Removal, not only have we removed many cubicles before, but we’ve also grown used to the many different ways of disassembling them. Some can be taken apart easily with a rubber mallet, while others require screwdrivers and wrenches. Whatever your cubicle requires, we’ll make it happen, then take away the components for you as well. Because of this, you can embrace an “open air” office if that’s what you desire. A new look for your office might be exactly what you need to give your team newfound energy, so why not try it out?

About Us

If a clutter problem has your mood going south, then just go to Southside Junk Removal. When we receive a phone call from a client, we’re always eager to learn more about how we can help. So, do you have a small job or a big job for us? Need us to pick up one thing or load up our entire truck? Either way, we’ll be more than happy to serve you. Keeping our area clean is our favorite thing, but meeting you might wind up being a close second. We hope you’ll like meeting us, too, because our team loves turning customers into friends.

Office Furniture We Remove

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Conference Tables
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    They came out on time very Professional and good quality work I would recommend them to anyone and I will use them again and pricing was very reasonable

    Lewis Howard
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    These 2 young men came and knocked on my door and offered their services. They were very professional and very respectable. Their work is A1 too 👍🏾💯🔥

    James Polite
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    The gentleman were extremely friendly & professional. The service was quick; they were in and out in no time. I was very impressed with the service & will be calling back for additional services in the very near future. THANK YOU!!!

    Natasha Quinones
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    Jordan was very professional . He arrived promptly and moved everything with care . He was also very quick about moving things. Thanks for a great service .Would definitely use again .

    Dimeshia Craig
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    Great experience, came same day I called for estimate. Was able to start same day and finished less then 3 hrs. If need will use in the future.

    Jhermanie Johnson
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    Hassle and stress free! I was able to schedule an appointment to have the items removed on the same day. Very professional, quick, and efficient. I will definitely tell my family and friends about this service.

    Shalika Tisinger
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    Adrian was on time and very polite .He remove everything in a timely manner. I will use this company again. I will recommend Southside Junk Removal to others as well. Thanks Adrian and Jordan Great service!

    Mattie Wilson
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    Southside Junk Removal was awesome! A smooth and painless transaction. They responded to my request almost immediately, and came out the next day. The employees were courteous, professional, communicative, and quick. They got everything removed, and the area looked amazing when they were finished. I would definitely hire Southside Junk Removal again, and recommend you do as well!

    A. Chambers



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